When other materials fail, PTFE bellows are used due to its Chemical inertness in corrosive environments like Petrochemical, Chemical industries for the absorption of expansion. They are also used as flexible connections in PTFE and Glass lined Piping systems.

Metal Jacketed PTFE Expansion bellows serve dual purpose of withstanding high pressure and allowing flexibility for absorbing expansion during gas applications

Crescent Ring/O Ring

PTFE Crescent Rings & O Rings have application in corrosive chemical manufacturing units for Glass Columns, Glass Piping and also used by Laboratory Equipment Manufacturers.

PTFE TC Screen Gaskets

Screen Gaskets are used in pipeline systems for food like Dairy beverage, Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries. PTFE being food grade material at elevated temperature, it is preferred for this application. Elimination of particulates are critical in chromatography, Columns, upstream particulate removal, and downstream filtration.  

PTFE Strips

PTFE Strips are used for the following purposes:
  • For making Gaskets, washers of various dimensions.
  • Chain guide for 4 stroke engines of two wheelers.
  • PTFE guide & wear strips are supplied as strips with end configuration to suit the reciprocating or rotary applications.
  • For Pneumatic & Sealing application in valve instrumentation.

PTFE Seals

PTFE is one of the best sealing materials as it conforms to the profile of the sealing surface and so PTFE seals is preferred over other sealing material. It finds application in Chemical Industries as PTFE is corrosion resistant material.

Turcite Sheet

These are mainly used as tool guide wear resistant soft belts for CNC machine
tools slideway.

PTFE Envelope Gaskets

It is widely used in food, pharmaceuticals, chemical & petro-chemical industries as it gives long term stable compression and recovery characteristics apart from corrosion resistance.

Washers & Gaskets

They have universal application in pipelines in corrosive and semi-corrosive environments due to their unique sealing and non-corrosive application and better performance than other materials like rubber, asbestos etc.