Ptfe Lined Parts Manufacturer from Pune

Antistatic PTFE lined Pipes & Fittings:

Using Anti Static PTFE Liners, we can avoid static electricity built up on the linen surface.. (fuels, solvents, freons, steam air, powder). There is Static electricity is built up when there is rubbing of two highly Insulated material. This built up can be risky.

PTFE/PFA Lined Instrument Tee (Wafer type):

It offers considerable space-saving over bacterial Теes.

PTFE/PFA lined Cross :

Used for Four Direction transition in Pipeline (One inlet & 3 outlets or three inlets and one outlets)

PTFE Lined Elbow :

Used for Change of direction in lined pipe system by 90 Deg or 45 Deg

PTFE/ PFA lined Tee:

Connecting Pipe in Pipelines at right angle.