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It’s a reasonably saying that equipment made using Fluoropolymer is better than utensils with metals or rubbers. However, industrialists of concurrent time know that this special plastic performs in particular applications is incomparable with any other material. This fact has established companies like Suflon Industry delivering excellent quality PTFE Moulded & Machined Components

By 2025, the value of the Fluoropolymer market is forecasted to attain 4.3 USD with a 7.0% of CAGR. But flowing with the tide naively is never a wise option. Hence, go through this article minutely and develop a well-thought decision on whether Fluoropolymer can be your key to production success or not. 

Fluoropolymers –What is It?

Fluoropolymer is a kind of heavy-duty plastic based on Fluorocarbon. This plastic is mainly used in extreme applications, which other materials cannot withstand. Therefore, in the modern compass of industry, the utilization of Fluoropolymer is prevalent. From PTFE-Lined Braided Hoses to lines pipes & spools, the presence of this plastic can be noticed close to everywhere.

Benefits of Using Fluoropolymers 

  • Equipment made of Fluoropolymers remains active and in shape in conditions where any other metals fail working. 
  • The unique plastic stops equipment from producing excessive heat, minimizing fires within the business premises. Thus, PFA & FEP Lined Fittings are mostly preferred over other similar products. 

Industries Using Fluoropolymers

Fluoropolymer is known for its high resistance against a wide array of chemicals. Hence, this particular plastic is getting adopted by the industries where processes get conducted within extreme conditions. Thus, utilization of this plastic in chemical plants is a common sight. Furthermore, PTFE, PFA, and FEP make it convenient to process harmful chemicals and impede corrosion. Thus, the chemical industry often uses this material in many processes, including fluid control and tank lining. 

The oil industry is another mentionable name to exercise utilization of Fluoropolymers regularly. The plastic gets used in fluid delivery umbilicals. Besides, thermowell and probes that track and calculate the levels changes are yet another segment utilized commonly. Even in the offshore ambiance, Fluoropolymer stands as the supreme option to be used because of its withstanding ability in saltwater, high temperature, and residue of oil. 

Static electricity in linen surfaces is yet another common peril in many industries. Hence, such companies always remain in requirements of PTFE Lined Parts, PTFE Extruded Parts, or others.  

Concluding Thoughts

It would be unwise to articulate that Fluoropolymer usage is only limited to industries like chemicals and oil. Various sectors like pharmaceuticals are taking aids from this unique Polycarbon-based plastic to strengthen their inner processes, which, in turn, enhances its significance further from the commercial point of view.

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